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Passionate About Inspiring Others

After a while, I decided to venture out to an investment consultancy in 1993 and managing manpower business (maid agency).  Over the years, as the business grew, I found myself managing ever more businesses in Indonesia.............

In 2000, I decided to have all of these businesses under one roof Blossomwise.  Named after the nicknames of my daughter Batrisyia (i.e. Blossom) and my son Muhammad Hariz (i.e. Wise).  My intention was to carve and to anchor the memory of having them in all my businesses which I have and will be spending most of my time throughout my life.

In 2008, I was appointed as the Head of Accreditation of the Association of Employment Agencies Singapore (AEAS).  Among other things, my responsibility was to manage and resolve issues/problems involving more than 400 employment agency-members with their respective clients (employers) and FDWs.

Part of the determinant of my success was managing the businesses at the right scale with the right approach as well as with the right business strategy. To elaborate, it is always better to start any business on a small scale and then work one’s way up. This has also offered me the chance to diversify and to go into managing many varied businesses as well as to avoid having all eggs in one basket.

Another reason, and what I consider as crucial for anyone going into business, would be to always focus on doing the best within our control, within our affordability and within our capability. These include making all the necessary preparations before entering the industry, understanding the operating environment, the ability to anticipate any change, and making the necessary effective business decision in advance.

On tough times in business, I usually compare it to being alone in a small boat in rough seas. When the conditions were rough and tough, the only thing to keep me going would be to have the survival instincts to cope and to get through it. Those who are reluctant to do so or fail to do so, will have difficulty to survive.

I also appreciate and treasure virtuous values and trust because these are important factors to sustain any business. In my opinion, it is always crucial to make the clients feel comfortable, trust and believe in me, and only then business should be done. Thereafter, I shall deliver whatever I have assured them.  

Above all, it is very important to be honest and transparent in all dealings, and to give the clients the best value and services, and deliver beyond their expectation.  I have never made any promise to my clients.  However, I will assure them that I will do whatever and the best that I could to serve them or at least to meet their expectation whenever possible as long as it does not contravene the laws.

Likewise, one should adopt the same strategy and approach when employing a domestic helper (Foreign Domestic Worker – FDW).

Choosing and employing a FDW is just like choosing and employing a staff for our business i.e. it involves time, resources and money.  If an employer makes a wrong choice or manages the FDW ineffectively, the employer may end up losing precious time, resources, a lot of money, etc.

I am here to share with you my experience and my expertise (more than 30 years) to choose and to manage your FDW effectively. 

The above are just a general overview and my opinion.  Please contact me so that I could customise and share my expertise and my knowledge to suit your needs and requirements.


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